About KSA Manufacturing Tech Show

The show will examine how Industry 4.0 technology can add value to manufacturing by reducing operations costs, improving productivity, enabling innovation, lowering maintenance costs, creating higher customer satisfaction and enabling increased customization in manufacturing operations.

Early adoption of Industrial IoT, robotics, machine learning, AI and innovative technologies such as 3D printing can help manufacturers gain competitive advantage, increase performance and productivity.

Smart manufacturing takes advantage of data to help give a new and deeper insight into all areas of operations and the supply chain, and enables increased automation and product customization, as well as productional agility.

The show will focus on how technology innovation can help raise manufacturing productivity, optimise smart factories and ensure future success.

The show will showcase top manufacturers and large-scale factories to understand their growth strategies, labor market challenges, and innovation road maps to determine the direction of your future investment. Speakers will show their real-world lessons on how to lead your employees through the digital technology revolution.

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Did you know?
  • Mining & Minerals: The contribution of the mining and minerals sector to the Saudi economy is set to increase by half by 2020, to $26 billion per year.
  • Aluminium & Fabricated Metals: The sheer amount of projects and construction planned in the kingdom is increasingly making it a more attractive destination for aluminum and fabricated metals production.
  • Pharmaceuticals & related equipment: Saudi Arabia’s expenditures on pharmaceuticals were valued at around $6.9 billion in 2016 with industry estimates suggesting a 10 percent annual growth rate.
  • Food & Beverage (F&B): The food & beverage industry in Saudi Arabia is expected to grow  5.9% from 2016 to 2020.
  • Machinery & Equipment: Hundreds of projects are creating unprecedented demand for the latest construction industry machinery, technology and tools, as well as spare parts for them
  • Construction & Building Materials: Over 3.2 million new housing units will be needed, with over 800,000 for the capital city of Riyadh alone, as well as hospitals, schools, universities and leisure centers.
  • Automotive manufacturing:  The Saudi Government is seeking to develop a domestic automotive industry, given that the Kingdom accounts for 40% of all vehicles sold in the region

Top reasons to attend the show

  • Showcase how industry 4.0 technology can help revolutionize manufacturing!
  • Demonstrate proof of concept to your potential clients by key case study examples
  • Help manufacturers understand how they can benefit from advanced technologies
  • Meet the manufacturers that are interested in how technology can help them succeed!
  • Lead the change to smart manufacturing operations
  • Help realise the value of technology integration for manufacturing
  • Gain competitive advantage through disruptive technology innovation
  • Ensure future success by investing in advanced technology

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